Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mare's Milk

I tend to be a creature of habit. When traveling from Point A to Point B, I tend to follow the same route every time. I like to plan ahead, and sudden changes of plans are unsettling to me.

So every now and then, to shake myself out of my self-imposed routines and broaden my mind to new possibilities, I like to pick some random thing that I would never have thought of doing, and just DO IT, for the sake of change.

So today, I decided to try drinking mare's milk!

Glory is doing fine in her weaning paddock. And Bonnie doesn't seem to be missing her baby at all. But of course, this being the first full day of weaning, her udders got pretty full and this afternoon she was dripping milk.

So I got a washcloth to wash her udder, and a cup for the milk, and went out to try something entirely new!

The tight udder was pretty uncomfortable for her, and she didn't really enjoy me handling it, so I only milked out a few spoonfuls. Just enough so I could see what it tasted like.

I was prepared for it to taste really strange. Goat's milk, for instance, tastes really different from cow's milk. But to me, the mare's milk tasted exactly the same as cow's milk. No detailed, creative description required. It tasted exactly the same.

For some reason, to me, that was the strangest part of the whole experiment!

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