Friday, May 18, 2012

"Name This Piggy" Contest

We have two litters of rare American Guinea hog piglets almost ready for weaning.  Our sow Cerridwen's litter is especially nice this time around, so we have decided to keep one of the boys as a future possible breeding boar.  I decided it would be fun to have a "Name This Piggy" contest to get all of you to help me come up with a name for him.  The winner will get 4 free bars of my homemade soap (possibly even some awesome new flavors that haven't been released yet)!

More about the contest in a moment.  But first, meet the handsome piggy:

His mother's name is Cerridwen and his father's registered name is Carmine (although we call him Magick).  He has white socks on both his front feet, just like his mother.  He's big and confident, with a bright happy personality.

Now, about the contest:

1.  To submit a name for consideration, simply put it in a comment on this post.  Be sure to include your name and a way to contact you if you win!     DEADLINE TO ENTER:  JUNE 1, 2012

2.  From all the names submitted, I will choose a collection of my favorites to be semifinalists.  The number of semifinalists will depend on the number of entries and how many of them I like.

3.  On June 4, I will post the list of semifinalists on the Ingleside Farm Facebook page.  Our fans will have 1 week to vote on their favorite name. Feel free to forward the link and encourage your friends and family to "like" the page so they can vote your name to the top!

4.  In case more than 1 person submits the same name, credit will go to the person who submitted it first.

5.  On June 11 I will announce the winner.  The winner MUST send me his or her address or I won't be able to ship the prize.

We have 17 piglets from 2 litters altogether, so some of the other semifinalist suggestions may be used to name other piglets.

If you are interested in purchasing one or more of these piglets, let me know.  They are $200 each, registration included.  The two litters are unrelated, so if you want a breeding pair you can get one from each litter.