Monday, May 19, 2008

Senter Under Saddle

Yesterday, we drove down to the trainer's farm to visit my stallion, Senter Stage, and get a demo of how his training is going.

He has only been in serious under-saddle training for about a month, but he's already doing walk, trot, canter, a bit of extended trot, a little leg-yielding, and he's jumping 2'6". Not bad for such a short amount of time!

Everyone at the stable loves him, and he obviously loves having a job. It's so good for him to have challenges to exercise both his mind and his body. He's not complaining at all that he's getting to breed quite a few mares, either!

Here's my boy:


Rhea said...

He's very handsome! I'm glad he's doing so well with his training.

Nataraj Hauser said...

What a beauty he is! Skip the small stuff and get him his own TV series. Maybe call it "Studly Doright" or some such. I'm envisioning a high-style concept, sort of like Miami Vice, with Senter Stage (already a perfect name!) in the Don Johnson role. He could change his bridle in between the moments of drama like Sonny Crockett did. Maybe get Hannah Montana to costar, and you'd have the 10-14 year old girl demographic locked.

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

What a handsome and charming boy!