Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pretty Sheep

I've been spending the past few days trying to get new photos of all of my lambs to update my sales list as well as some new shots of some of the adult sheep to update my web site.  I haven't gotten them all yet, but I've gotten a few nice shots along the way.  Enjoy!

I think Rhonwen looks like a supermodel with her hair being blown by a wind machine in this one.  Her fleece is SO silky soft.

Paris and Xanadu.  Here's what Xanadu looked like as a baby.

Sapphire is one of my favorite ewes.

I've had Tawny for almost a year now.  It's about time I took a good photo of her.  She's such a pretty girl.  I love her long sweeping horns and her regal look.

Remember little Wish, the cutest lamb of all time?  She's a year old and all grown up!

Remember Xander, the lamb in the Unidentified Flying Lamb Pod?  Here he is now.

Xelene still hasn't lost her knack for always striking a picture-worthy pose.

Xcaliber seems to be putting all of his growth into horn size.  Those are some huge horns for a little guy!

Sometimes, it's fun to compare pictures to see how much the lambs change as they grow.  Other times, like these three pictures of Xanti, it's fun to see that she looks exactly the same!

This is Xenophon.  Photos can't do justice to how handsome this ram lamb is.  Every time he walks by, I just stop what I'm doing and stare at him.  For three years, I've been trying to breed a ram lamb who will be worthy to replace Nicholai when he retires.  This may be the one!

Did you know that ram lambs always strike a majestic pose when they're peeing?  You can always get a good photo of them then.  Sorry for the invasion of privacy, Xaq, but you just looked so regal standing there!  :-)

Remember teeny, tiny Xoco, who was so much smaller than her brother when she was born?  Well, she's a big girl now!  Of course, she's still smaller than her brother Xaq (pictured above), who is HUGE.  She's also the one who ripped her horn halfway out of her head.  As you can see below, it re-set itself and is growing in just fine.

Every once in a great while, we have lambs that get their ear tags caught on things and end up pulling the tags out, down through the ear.  Xummer is the first one we've had who managed to pull her tag out SIDEWAYS through her ear.  OUCH!  That must have hurt!  Now she has a very distinctive look. 

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