Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Locker Lambs Available

This is it! For just a few weeks out of the year, we have locker lambs available for sale to Virginia buyers who want fresh, local, humanely raised meat.

Icelandic lamb is lean, mild, and delicious, with none of that “gamey” flavor often found in commercial lamb. The breed’s modest size is perfect for modern families who often don’t have freezer space to store a large amount of meat.

The October 2009 issue of Saveur magazine said, “Free-range, grass-fed Icelandic lamb is exceptionally fine grained and mild tasting; it is prized by chefs….”

In the March 2010 issue of Food & Wine magazine, Robert Wiedmaier, chef-owner of Marcel’s and Brasserie Beck in Washington, DC, is quoted as saying, “Icelandic lamb is the best I’ve ever tasted. It’s a very pure, nonfatty meat.”

We send lambs to slaughter in early-to-mid October. At this time, they are about 4-6 months old and weigh about 40-80 lbs. Each one typically yields 20-40 lbs. of packaged meat, cut to your specifications (chops, roasts, ground lamb, stew meat). 

Due to this summer's severe heat and drought conditions, most of this year's available lambs are on the lower half of those weights, but even so, our prices are very reasonable.

Our price is $70 per lamb, including delivery to our local butcher. The butcher then charges $70 to process each lamb, including cutting, packaging, and freezing.

The butcher is only a 10-minute drive from our farm, so the lambs don’t have to endure the stress of a long, arduous trip.

Our supply of locker lambs is extremely limited. Once they are gone, there will be no more until next year.  If you're interested--or if you have any questions--contact me soon before they're all gone.


V.R. Leavitt said...

For those on the fence about this, my family got a lamb last year and it was wonderful!! We got all different cuts and enjoyed each one equally. Definitely take Nancy up on this offer if you can.

Nancy Chase said...

Thanks Vanessa, I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. If you hadn't gone and moved out of state, I'd be signing you up for another one this year! :-)