Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not Starved Anymore

Some of you may remember my horrible experience last year with the trainer who starved my horses, and the follow-up post when I discovered how many other people had had similar horrible experiences with the same trainer.

This is a somewhat happier follow up.  As you may remember, Glory was a beautiful Warmblood filly (Art Deco daughter) who was born on my farm.  Here's what she looked like when I had her:

After she went to the trainer's farm she was severely starved.  Fortunately, my sister Donna of Siberia Farm was able to take Glory fairly quickly once I discovered what was going on at the trainer's farm.  This is what Glory looked like upon arriving at Donna's farm after being rescued from the trainer:

Now for the happier part of the story:  My sister recently sent me photos of how Glory looks now, after all these months of PROPER feed and care.  I still haven't forgiven the trainer for what she did, but at least this filly has a great life now!


Anonymous said...

Oh, what a handsome girl she is! I'm so glad she's healthy and happy now.

V.R. Leavitt said...

Happy news!! That's great. She looks simply stunning.

Ernie said...

She is lovely. My friend on Martha's Vineyard saved a horse that was owned by a well-to-do family who just didn't take care of their horse.

People should be prosecuted for abusing animals like this.

What a beautiful horse and what a great follow-up. Please thank you sister for all her love and care.

Karen said...

Beautiful girl! I've wanted to own a horse since I was 8... sigh.... never was in the cards.

Glad you got her back and she's OK now.

How horrible that those people could do what they did (and apparently continue to do) to all those horses.

Jus Shar Designs said...

She looks great!
There is a special place in h3ll for people who mistreat animals. I have to believe that.