Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's a Pig's Life

The sheep aren't the only ones worthy of a photo shoot.  The pigs deserve some camera time too!

As you can see, our Guinea hog boar Magick works very hard here on the farm, mainly at napping, eating, and being cute:

"Psst.  Hey Dad!  You asleep?"

According to the measuring tape method of weighing a pig, Magick weighs about 280 lbs.  That's pretty big for a Guinea hog!

Magick's mate Cerridwen is slim, fit, and active now at the very beginning of her pregnancy.  I suspect it might have been her bossy, highly opinionated attitude that encouraged poor, lazy Magick to seek out the company of other pigs yesterday.

About a month and a half away from giving birth and starting to get quite heavy, our other sow Circe luxuriates in a relaxing mud bath:

Let's not forget the piglets!  They're getting bigger and bigger.  There are only 4 left here, 3 of which are sold and one that will be going into our freezer in a few months.

It's interesting to me that we have both the slender long-nosed type and the chubby short-nosed type of Guinea hog in the very same litter:


V.R. Leavitt said...

Love these photos too. You're piggies are awesome. Sounds like they make a fun addition to the farm.

Elizabeth said...

I had the same nose thing in my litters too. Dad's long nosed and moms' short. Yours are very pronounced.