Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Chickens

We got 10 new Buff Orpington chickens from Gregory Poultry today.  They are lovely 5-month old pullets, almost old enough to start laying. 

Add those to the 4 Blue Orpingtons and Blue/Buff Orpingtons we already had, and there's obviously no way we could house them all in the little portable coop Ken built last summer.  So we did a quick patch-up job on the run-down old chicken house that was here when we bought the farm.  I think that the chicken house is at least 100 years old, and it probably hasn't had any chickens in it in about 40 years.  It needs a serious facelift and some repairs, but it's dry, spacious, and conveniently located, so it will do fine for now, until we can give it a makeover later in the summer.

I haven't taken any new photos of my pretty chickens for quite a while now.  The original 4 have grown up quite a bit since then.  The rooster, Heathcliff, is a magnificent big fellow now.

All the chickens are now sharing the spacious old hen house and getting acquainted with each other.  It seemed a perfect time for a little photo shoot!


Anonymous said...

these a healthy look'n chickens...My daughter loves her "ladies".. the gentleman (rooster) decided to attack her so he went to rooster heaven. Now, is peaceful in the hen house.

Hopeful said...

glad you're able to use the old coop till you have time to do a "chicken remodel". i bet they love it! hope they start laying soon. fun!

Penny said...

What a gorgeous rooster!

Tinia said...

Love the Blue Rooster - we are looking to purchase Lavender Orpingtons - and I have my eye on some Blues on ebay, hatching eggs, that is, too.