Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's Time to Play "Name the Lambs" Again!

April is here, and on the farm that means lambs will start being born very soon.  If you've been following along on this blog for a year or two, you know that each year I name my lambs with names that all begin with a certain letter.  The letter for this year is "Z".

Since readers of this blog have done such a good job helping me come up with names for the past few years, I'm inviting you all to participate again.  What "Z" names shall I use to name this year's lambs?  I'm expecting maybe 30-40 lambs altogether.  I'll need girl names, boy names, matching sets of names for twins.



Claire said...

Girls- Zoe, Zipporah, Zillah, Zosia, Zosima, Zia, Zippy, Zara, Zakia, Zanthe, Zenobia, Zoheret, Zelda, Zita, Ziva, Zola, Zinnia, Zora, Zenon, Zany, Zen, Zeta, Zest, Zig, Zag, Zoot, Zucchini

Boys- Zopher, Zuriel, Zohar, Zoltan, Zach, Zipper, Zenith, Zephyr, Zubin, Zad, Zain, Zebulon, Zander, Zebedee, Zeke, Zeno, Zelig, Zeus, Zero, Ziggy, Ziv, Zodiac, Zeal, Zebra, Zebu, Zinc, Zircon, Zither

Twins- Zinc & Zircon, Zippy & Ziggy, Zig & Zag, Zola & Zora, Zita & Ziva

Branwenn said...

Zipper, Zydeco, Zoroaster, I've got tons more!

Nancy K. said...

I used all Z names for my ram, Zorro's, lambs. Here are a few samples of my favorites:

Zoloft, Zeus, Zipper, Zinnia, Zoom, Zest, Zodiac, Zaria, Zanex (I know, it's usually spelled with an X but this give you lots more options if you substitute a Z on the X words), Zach, Zeek, Zig-Zag ~ now I'll go crazy trying to remember more of the names I used ~ All. Day. Long!


Happy Lambing!

Nancy K. said...

Oh yeah ~ Zephyr and Zenith

Elaine said...

How about Zerlina? It happens to be the name of my favorite variety of storage cabbage (very sweet once it's sat in cool weather for a while!) Love seeing the lamb photos, Nancy, keep em coming!

Amanda said...

Boy: Zebediah, Zolomon

Girl: Zuzie Q!

Robot: Zorgtron

Twins: Zippa and Zippit

as in
Lamb 1: "Oh Zippa-dee-doo-da! Zip-a-dee-ay!"
Lamb 2: "Hey Zippit over there!"

or Zippa D. Dooda?

Lori Skoog said...

I'd say most of the Z names have been covered!

Angie said...

Wow! Love these names...ya'll did your homework :)

Cowgirl said...

How about 'ZED' which is just the last letter of the alphabet?