Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Growing Lambs

This time of year, the lambs grow so fast, it's hard to keep up with taking new photos of them all. Here are the most recent photos of many of them. There are still a few that I didn't catch today, which I'll try to update soon.

Wysiwyg at 6 weeks.

Wysiwyg again, posing for the camera.

Wren at 1 month.

Wren is ready for her close up.

Wren again. "Is this my good side?"

Wolf at 20 days.

Wisdom at 25 days.

Wonder at 25 days.

Wisdom and Wonder at 2 weeks. Cute!

Winston at 19 days.

Winston and mom Utopia. Sleepy sheepies!

Wyoming at 12 days.

Winnebago at 12 days.

Winchester at 15 days.

Winchester and mom Ulyssia.

Winchester again. Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Everybody's favorite cutie! Wish at 1 month old.

Winter at 1 month.

Winter again, playing on the porch.

William at 1 month.

Whitsun, at 1 month.

Whirligig at 26 days.

Whirligig again, because who can really get enough of looking at this fancy guy? :-)

Wraith at 26 days.

Wraith and Whirligig.

Whisper at 27 days.

And another one of Whisper's pretty face.

Whimsy at 27 days.

Wheat and Whippoorwill at 24 days. I call this photo, "Cat on a Fence Post" because that's what they're staring at in such amazement.

Wessex at 3 weeks.

Wasabi at 12 days.

Warhol at 1 month.

Another one of Warhol, because he's so doggone cute!

Waltz at 1 month.

Waldo at 11 days old.

Walkyrie at 1 month. She has apparently inherited her mother's fondness for rubbing lots of hay all over herself.

Wagner at 1 month.


Anonymous said...

They're so darn cute! Here's a question for you: do hogget Icelandics have a double coat?

Nancy Chase said...

Hi Tikabelle! Yes, all Icelandics have a double coat. Although, when the lambs are first born they mostly only have the outer coat (tog). The inner coat (thel) starts growing immediately, and by fall the lambs have a normal double-coated fleece.

ann said...

I love all the pictures. All the lambs are so cute but I really love Whirlygigs multicolor coat.

Anonymous said...

I totally want Ultra, but I don't think the HOA will allow it. :-) Great pictures!!!

Nancy Chase said...

Can you imagine the fun Kaia would have with a sheep like Ultra? Ultra LOVES children. You totally need a pet house sheep! (Because you don't already have enough to do) :-)