Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Sheep

It started snowing here last night at about 4:00 pm. Twenty-one hours later, and it's still coming down. The snow is about knee deep now, with is a huge amount for Virginia.

One of our sheep shelters collapsed from the snow, but fortunately, it was the one in the paddock the sheep aren't in right now, so we can wait to fix it at a more convenient time.

Since it doesn't snow here very often, I rarely get the opportunity to take pictures of my sheep in the snow. So, even though it was still dark and snowy out, I took some today.

Small, medium, or large? Wotan, Ukraine, and Nicholai follow me through the snow.

Ken helps carry hay through the snow to the ram paddock.

Nicholai, always photogenic.

Nothing bothers Ultra.

Pretty Tsarina.

Where do Icelandic sheep come from? They hatch from snow drifts, of course!

Snowy flock.

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Kelly or Alex said...

What beautiful sheep pictures! I love the Icelandic Sheep in snow. They seem so at home. We are heading to IL Jan 2 to pick up 2 bred ewes and a ram. Your ram is beautiful too. Your snow storm should hit here tomorrow. I'm so glad there weren't any sheep in the shed that fell.