Thursday, February 25, 2010

Free Vegetable Seeds!

Sometimes it only takes the simplest idea, the smallest offer of help to make a big impact.

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you'll know that our farm finances have been very, very tight for the past few years.  We want to keep making the badly-needed improvements to bring the place back from the run-down, fixer-upper status that we bought it in, but for the past couple of  years, it's been a struggle.

More than anything, I want to keep expanding the "farm" aspects of the farm.  I want to put in a garden and a small orchard.  I want to grow herbs.  I want to get chickens.  Eventually, maybe even a few heritage-breed pigs and a small milk cow.  I want to keep making progress toward a more sustainable, self-sufficient farm, where we grow most of our own food, and have some to share with others.

But with so many other non-negotiable demands (like mortgage, taxes, the need to replace a leaking roof, the need to buy hay for the livestock) on our already tight finances, even something as simple as starting a vegetable garden ends up getting put off.  Until now!

I just discovered The Dinner Garden, a wonderful organization with the slogan "End Hunger Through Gardening!"  They provide fruit and vegetable seeds for free to anyone who asks.  That's right.  FREE.  No charge, not even for shipping. 

Since beginning their mission in early 2009, they have provided seeds to over 30,000 families and hundreds of community gardens in all 50 states, from Maine to Hawaii and Texas to Alaska.

Here's their mission statement:

The Dinner Garden provides seeds, gardening supplies, and gardening advice free of charge to all people in the United States of America. We assist those in need in establishing food security for their families. Our goal is for people to plant home, neighborhood, and container gardens so they can use the vegetables they grow for food and income.
Isn't that a wonderful goal?  If they can make an offer like that, I figure I can at least set aside the time and labor to prepare the ground here, and get my garden started.  I sent for my free seeds today.  Won't it be fun to see what they send me?

Meanwhile, if you want to start a garden, why don't you contact The Dinner Garden too?  And, if you're in a position to do so, please support their efforts, either through donations or by passing the word along about their marvelous venture.

We can end hunger! from Dinner Garden on Vimeo.


V.R. Leavitt said...

How very cool!!! Definitely will check them out.

Holly said...

Thanks for helping us spread the word about The Dinner Garden. With everyone's support, we will end hunger in the United States.

biologie said...

Wow this is beautiful and so encouraging!

Last fall I started my very first small backyard garden of (mostly) squash. I wasn't using any sort of pesticide and unfortunately my plants became infested with squash burrowers. They literally went from beautiful healthy plants with blooms to withered, floppy dried husks in a matter of days.

If I had known about The Dinner Garden and their forums, information and support for new gardeners I may have had a more successful first attempt at gardening!

Thanks for bringing this organization to our attention, I can't wait to plant a new garden this Spring and try again with help from The Dinner Garden. :)