Monday, February 22, 2010

Why Make Felted Soap?

Ever since I posted my tutorial on How to Make Felted Soap, lots of people have been contacting me, all asking the same question:

"WHY make felted soap?"

Oops! I guess I didn't explain that fully in the tutorial, did I? Sorry!

Wool felted around a bar of soap forms a natural scrubby, with pleasant, gentle exfoliation, like a good washcloth.

It also makes the soap easier to grip. As the soap is used, the wool shrinks to fit what is left, so you can use the whole bar, avoiding those slippery little end bits of soap that are hard to hold, slip down the drain, and are wasted.

When the soap is gone, you can even cut a slit into the remaining felt "jacket" and use it as a small pouch! Or fill it with catnip for an all-natural cat toy.

Also, if you've never tried felting before, felting around a bar of soap is a quick, easy project, perfect for a beginner.

It's easy enough for kids to do, so it makes a fun craft activity for them. They may even enjoy bath time more if they get to use the results of their project! :-)

If you would like to try it, Soap Felting Kits and finished Felted Soaps are available here.


heather O. said...

why? because we can! :)


After having 2 TIA's (strokes) this is great - simple things like holding soap just became easier :)