Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Pig Escape

Can I just say again how much I love these Guinea Hogs?  They are just so funny and charming!

The youngest and most skittish of the pigs escaped through a gap between the gate and the gatepost tonight.  I had done the chores already, hours before, but I just got that feeling that I should go out and check on everything one more time before dark.

When I got out to the pasture where the ewes and lambs are, Circe the pig came running up to me, squealing at the top of her voice.  This was NOT where she belonged, and she had plenty to say about it!

She wouldn't let me touch her at first.  She was all wound up from finding herself suddenly in a pasture full of about 70 sheep, plus I think she imagined that she might be in trouble for being in the wrong place.  As I kept talking to her, asking her all about her big adventure, she sat down next to me and let me stroke her head while she kept vocalizing her excitement and anxiety, nonstop.  Squealing, grunting, a whole long articulate story in pig language!  I was laughing the whole time, and asking her, "Really?  Is that what happened?  That must have been very upsetting."

When she was done telling me about it, I walked her back to where she was supposed to be, opened the gate for her to let her in, and gave her a second dinner for being such a good girl and coming to me when she was confused and worried, instead of running away.

Any animal that is this comical and easy to deal with, and makes me giggle instead of swear when it escapes is fine by me.  I just LOVE these pigs!


BaileyGirl5 said...

I love your pigs too! What a funny story! She sounds like a sweet girl.

M. said...

Nancy...I just knew you would enjoy them!! So glad I was right and you do. They are so funny aren't they?! :-D

Nancy Chase said...

You were right Monica. And I NEVER would have considered getting them if it hadn't been for all the good things you had to say about them. So, thanks!!