Thursday, April 29, 2010

Storm Senter

Meet Storm Senter!   He's a 2-year old Oldenburg-cross gelding.  His sire is my (former) Oldenburg stallion, Senter Stage, and his dam is my beloved Spotted Draft mare, Charybdis, who now lives with my sister Donna.

Storm is being lightly started under saddle this spring, and is for sale.  Contact Donna Chase for more information.

He's going to be a BIG boy.  Tall with a lot of bone.

Like all of Senter's foals, Storm is kind and sweet natured.  Just a big teddy bear.

Here he is with his 3/4 brother, Senter Fielder ("Willy").  Willy will be standing at stud at Siberia Farm.


mommysdream said...

What a beautiful horse!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this foal supposed to go back to the stud's owner??

Nancy Chase said...

I'm not sure what you mean, Anonymous. I WAS the stud's owner, until I sold him this winter. The colt is living at my sister's farm until we find a buyer for him.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I got all confused reading COTH and stuff. You got his stud back from a bad situation then, right? My bad.

Nancy Chase said...

That's okay. The whole situation ended up being pretty complicated!

First I traded the two pregnant mares for some sheep. Then after the foals were born, the guy I had traded them to decided he didn't want them anymore, so to prevent him from selling my beauties off to be Amish work horses, I had to trade back. The mares and foals went to live with my sister (, where they are living very happily.

Meanwhile, the bad situation happened with the trainer who starved my horses. I brought my stallion home for a while, and finally found a new owner for him. He now lives here:

V.R. Leavitt said...

Cool!!! :-)