Thursday, April 1, 2010

Paris's and Utopia's Lambs

Last night around midnight, Paris had a lamb, then Utopia had a lamb, then Paris had another lamb.  Because of the timing of the births, this gave Paris the distinction of having her twins born in two separate months!

Utopia was already in labor when Paris had her first lamb.  Hearing Paris's lamb cry, Utopia jumped up, thinking that she had already given birth.  It took some convincing to make her understand that it was NOT her lamb and she still had to lie back down and finish what she'd started.  Even after her own lamb was born, she was not entirely sure that Paris's lamb was not hers.

Paris's first lamb was a moorit gray ram.  Except for the very faint silvery shade around his mouth, the gray pattern doesn't show up now, but when his undercoat starts growing in, it will be obvious.

 His name is Xenophon.  This name was submitted to our Name That Lamb contest by: Laurel McGilvery (no web link given) and Beth from

His twin sister is a spotted black gray lamb.  Once she gets her gray adult fleece, her spots won't show up very much any more, but she sure looks flashy now.  I love that her ears are both black on the outside and white on the inside!
Her name is Xanadu.  This name was submitted to our Name That Lamb contest by:  Pat of,  Chris Conrad of, Carol of Loafkeeper Farm, and Laurel McGilvery (no web link given).

And last but not least, here is Utopia's moorit solid ram lamb.  He may look tiny now, but he is quite stout for his size.  I think he's going to be massive when he grows up.
 His name is Xerxes.  This name was submitted to our Name That Lamb contest by:  Chris Conrad of, Carol of Loafkeeper Farm, Tika of, and Skye (no web link given).

Congratulations to all the lamb naming winners.  We're expecting more lambs at any moment, so stay tuned for more photos and name announcements soon!


Rowena said...

They are all adorable but Xanadu's coloring and flashes are sooooo lovely :)

Brian said...

Insert obligatory "Awwwwwww" here. :)