Saturday, June 5, 2010

Name That Lamb Contest: Grand Prize and Finalists

As I promised back in March, everyone who submitted a winning name to my Name That Lamb contest gets one entry (per name) into my grand prize drawing at the end of lambing season.

Well, guess what?  It's the end of lambing season now, so it's time to announce the finalists.  Just to add a little bit of suspense, I'm going to wait until Monday to announce the grand prize winner.  But I don't have to wait that long to announce what they will win!

One lucky participant will win the following assortment of fun sheep-and-lamb related goodies from our farm:

1 bar of Sheep's Milk Soap

1 bar of Felted Sheep's Milk Soap

1 pack of "Sound Asleep" lamb notecards
1 "Peekaboo" lamb magnet

1 pair of Ear Tag earrings

1 pair of needle felted Fortune Cookies

Total value of the whole collection:  $45.50

Now for our list of finalists (including the number of entries each one earned:

Beth at   (5 entries)

Carol at (1  entry)

Carol Volker of (6  entries)

Catherine Sanchez (no web link given)  (1  entry)

Channa at (2  entries)

Chris Conrad of (3  entries)

Cindy of (1  entry)

Debra Chase (no web link given) (1  entry)

Donna Chase of (1  entry)

Elizabeth Brockman (no web link given) (4  entries)

Jeanne (no web link given) (3  entries)

Laurel McGilvery (no web link given) (29  entries.  If that seems like a lot, it's because Laurel earned it.  She submitted more than 300 name suggestions!)

Molly Bailey of (2  entries)

Monica of (1  entry)

Pat at (2  entries)

Robin at (3  entries)

Rowena at (1  entry)

Skye (no web link given) (2  entries)

Stephen Pappas  (no web link given) (7  entries)

Tika at (7  entries)

Stay tuned on Monday to find out who is the winner!

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