Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ingleside Farm Calendars, Cards, and Gifts

Here's another of my new products from the farm!

I have gotten so many compliments on my farm photos, I finally decided to offer some of my favorites for sale as calendars, cards, mugs, and other photo gifts at CafePress.

Since this is a timely season of the year to be thinking of buying a new calendar, I've posted photos of my calendars below, but check out the my CafePress shop to see what else is available. They have a HUGE array of products, including cards and ornaments. They'd make great Christmas gifts.

I have many designs already available--sheep photos, horse photos, glorious sunsets, and other farm scenes. Plus I'm adding new items to my shop all the time.

For starters, here are the calendars:


Kelly or Alex said...

What a great idea. I will definitely buy some with my next paycheck. Right now broke! I did buy a couple from the ISBONA website. I'll be back later for shopping. You do take lovely pictures. I hope sales are brisk and you see a good profit.

Nancy Chase said...

Thanks Kelly! I'm still adding items to the shop whenever I get time. So if you see a photo you like but I haven't yet added it to a product you want, just let me know. It's easy for me to add new products.

For instance, if you see a photo in one of the calendars that you wish you could have on a card or a mug, just tell me and I can add one.

I plan to do that for most of the images eventually anyway. It just takes time to do them all!