Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sheep's Milk Soap

I've been working very hard over the past few months developing new products for our farm. One that I'm very excited about is our new Sheep's Milk Soap.

Last spring, our beautiful ewe Tansy lost her lamb at birth. Since she had no lamb to feed, I decided I'd try milking her myself.

I had read about how nice sheep's milk soap was and planned to use Tansy's milk to try to teach myself how to make some. But then I discovered there was a wonderful small crafter, Amanda of Primitive Earth Soaps, who was already making natural soaps in my area. I contacted her, and she agreed to do the job for me.

First she did a small test batch, mainly so we could evaluate the scent I had chosen. After a few minor tweaks, she then made a big batch, which just arrived a few days ago.

If you've never tried sheep's milk soap, you should give ours a try. Each big, long-lasting bar weighs about 4 oz. and contains only the most natural of ingredients: olive oil, sheep's milk, water, lye, and essential oils.

No coloring has been added. The scent is a luscious blend of pure essential oils, including amber, myrrh, cinnamon, and oak moss. Each bar is packaged in a simple, eco-friendly wrapping of fabric and labeled with a small card listing the ingredients.

These make terrific gifts. You can order online from my website.

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U said...

Hey there!

I've been looking high and low across the internet for sheep's milk soap recipes. I'm living on a friend's sheep farm for the summer. But no joy.

Could you possibly forward me a sheep's milk soap recipe or tell me the sapronification number for sheep's milk. It's become apparent here that the milk is twice as dense as goat's milk so does its ratio to the lye change? any help would be much appreciated, Ulick (ulickobeirne at gmail.com)