Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another Dream

I had another dream last night about preparing to start an enormous and difficult task.

All winter, I had hiked on foot from Maine across to western Canada with a snow blower, clearing a path in the snow. That was hard and exhausting enough, but after hiking all those thousands of miles through the snow and cold, when I got to my destination, I realized that the real task was yet to begin.

I reached a ranch where I owned a large herd of horses. With some help from people on the ranch, I was now about to start the journey BACK to Maine, in the path I'd cleared, driving my herd of horses with me, so they could all be sold. I would not be on foot this time, but driving a large wagon pulled by a pair of large, not-completely-trained horses.

Before I could even get started, challenges started to arise. While the ranch hands were trying to round up my horses from the various fields, the horses got over-excited and started leaping over the pasture fences and running wild everywhere. The ranch only had barbed wire fences, so every time one of my horses approached a fence, my heart was in my throat, waiting for them to hit the wire, get caught on the barbs, and shred themselves.

Before long, the ranch hands were there helping bandage dozens of cuts and scrapes on my horses legs before I could start my journey, and I was driving my unruly team of wagon horses around, trying to get them to steer in the direction I wanted.

Only a few thousand miles left to go!

I have to admit, I'm a little worried about having two dreams in a row indicating that my subconscious thinks everything I've done up to now has only been preparation and now my REAL difficult task is about to begin.

It's been such a hard year, and I'm exhausted. I've been looking forward to getting all the horse sales completed and having things ease up a little in the coming year. I don't even want to think about what this next big task might be that my subconscious keeps warning about!

But whatever it is, I guess I'll just tackle it when it comes.


Anonymous said...

I think dreams just reflect the things we're dwelling on and allow our brains a chance to explore situations. It's like your mind telling you that yes, the situation isn't good, but it could be worse.

My job is wicked bad right now, and I've been having dreams all week where "we have to get out of this haunted asylum before the axe murderers get us but first we have to find our missing friend and maybe do a magic spell for which we don't have the right ingredients oh and what's that?!?" Which is probably my brain trying to tell me to get a new job. :)

Nancy Chase said...

With dreams like that, who needs late night TV, right?

Keeps the nights from getting boring at least!