Saturday, March 29, 2008

Turning Over A New Leaf

On Monday, it was snowing with a low in the 20s. On Friday, it was 80 F. Today it got up into the 50s, but felt much colder.

Despite (or maybe because of?) all that confusion, today for the very first time this spring, all the trees in my yard decided to put out their very first, tiny little leaf buds. They're still so small, not even as big as my littlest fingernail, but they've arrived.

No matter what the temperatures do now, spring is truly here!


Rhea said...

We've had crazy weather here lately also. I finally had to give in and turn on the air conditioning the other day, but now I should probably turn the heater back on tonight. It's so confusing!

Anonymous said...

We are knee deep in cherry blossoms here, but it also snowed yesterday. Go figure.

Nancy Chase said...

Sounds like everybody is having crazy weather. This morning it was sleeting here. Two days from now, they're predicting 76 F degrees!