Thursday, March 20, 2008

Three Sales

Yesterday, I wrote up the Sales Agreements for THREE pending horse sales. Still no money for any of them yet, but at least I'm getting closer to having a few sales completed.

First, is Selebrity, my stallion Senter's first-born foal, who lives on my sister's farm in Maine, but who is being sold to a girl who lives in Charlottesville. His sale should be completed in about a week, and he'll be shipped down to Virginia in early April.

Next is Torchsong. She won't be leaving here until May, but she's being purchased on a payment plan. She is going to go become a broodmare for a woman who has a gorgeous Friesian stallion. Torchsong is going to make some spectacular pinto Friesian Sporthorse foals in another couple of years!

Third is Maggie. She's not actually being sold, she's being traded to my trainer in exchange for 3 months of training (each) for my two 3-year-old fillies. Maggie will get a great home, and she'll get to be rebred back to Senter again after she foals, since we already know that she produces terrific foals with him.

Here are the two fillies (Andromeda and Callista) who will get trained as payment for Maggie. They'll also be bred to Senter while they're there. They will remain on my sales list, but I'll raise their prices to reflect the fact that they're being sold in foal and started under saddle.

After all these horses go, that will only leave Libby and Penny still to sell!


Dora Dumbledore said...

Ooo, congratulations! That's absolutely lovely.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, sorry! That last was from me. Still using my Harry Potter Sock Swap blogger id. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your (almost completed) sales. You are well on your way toward your goals.

They are such beautiful creatures. It must be hard to see them go regardless.

Anonymous said...

They are all just beautiful! My favorite is Torchsong. Imagine Friesian babies out of her...wonderful!