Friday, October 12, 2007

Everybody Wants Bonnie (But Nobody Can Buy)

ARGGGHH! It happened again!

For the second time in less than 3 months, I had someone who REALLY wanted to buy my mare Bonnie, someone who would have given her a great home.

And just when I thought the sale might really happen, the buyer suffered an unexpected financial setback and was no longer able to pursue the sale.

So, for the record, can I just say to all of you employers in the world: Stop laying off people who are trying to buy horses from me! Stop stiffing them for their full expected pay! In fact, if a person is thinking of buying a horse from me, I think it would be a terrific idea if you gave them a big fat raise! Okay?

Thanks, I feel better now.

On the bright side (I do always try to find one of those whenever possible!), as of this morning, I do have potential buyers interested in two of my other horses, Boudicca and Callisto.

Boo has been very popular all summer, I've gotten tons of inquiries about her. Maybe this time it will translate into a new home for her.

Callisto is not even officially listed for sale yet. I've been putting off listing her, because I hadn't ever intended to sell her. She was supposed to be my personal horse, but with hay prices continuing to go up, I have to reduce the herd however I can.

The fellow contacted me this morning asking about Shane (who is already sold), and I suggested Callisto as a better alternative for someone looking for a young Sport Horse prospect. He was looking for something tall, with good movement and substantial bone, which fits Callisto to a T.

Out of curiosity, I measured her today. At 2 1/2 years old, she measures 15.3+ hands! I knew she was going to be over 16 hands when she was grown, but now it's looking like she may end up closer to 17 hands. What an impressive girl she's going to be. With the proper training and experience, she could be worth a bundle in a few years.

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