Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Suppose This Should Be Bad News

The fellow who was interested in buying my mares Char and Scylla for himself and his son, is still interested in possibly buying Scylla at a later date, but is now no longer interested in Char, because his son was intimidated by her size.

Since we need so badly to sell some horses soon, I suppose I should be disappointed by this, but instead I'm happy and relieved. I don't want to sell Char. I have never wanted to sell Char. She is my absolute favorite horse, and I want to keep her forever.

I was only offering her for sale because we need to sell a certain number of horses, and I had it stuck in my brain that I had to keep Char and Scylla together, because they are a matched team of sisters.

Scylla is a gorgeous animal, perhaps with slightly better conformation than Char, but I just never bonded to her quite as strongly. Although I think she is magnificent, I would not be heartbroken to have to part with her. And actually, she and the guy who might want to buy her looked REALLY good together when he tried her out. So I think they may be a great match. He's just not ready to make a commitment yet due to some personal stuff he's dealing with at the moment.

If he does decide to buy her, what will probably happen is that we will keep her through foaling and weaning, and he will get her after that. So most likely, she'll be here for a while, unless our finances get really desperate, and I have to sell her to someone else before that.

So the plan is now that we will keep Senter, Char, Glory, Grace, Callista, and Torchsong. All the other horses will be for sale.

I'm looking forward to a time when the horses will be a source of pleasure again, and not only a source of worry about how we are going to afford hay. To that end, even though I love them all, I guess I'll be glad to see them go.


Meggie said...

Oh Nancy! I sure wish you could sell some of your horses to give you a little breathing room...and money for hay. I love reading your blog and all that goes on at your farm.

Nancy Chase said...

Thanks Meggie. I always appreciate your supportive comments! A few kind words really do a lot to brighten a person's day.