Sunday, October 21, 2007

Top News: Farmer Takes Day Off!

Yes, that's right. Shocking as it may seem, I took the day off today.

Which, when you run a farm, "taking the day off" just means that Ken and I did the chores quickly first thing in the morning, and then drove into Charlottesville for a late breakfast.

After that, we went to a movie. Would you believe that the last movie I saw in the theater was Lord of the Rings? When you're a farmer, you don't get out much!

After the movie, we did my favorite "day off" activity: wandered around in the bookstore. There were oh-so-many new books I would love to have brought home, but I was good: despite the temptation, I didn't buy anything.

The good news is, while we were out, several of my items sold on EBay, and a new potential buyer started inquiring about my filly Libby.

Oh yes: and the cats caught two bats and brought them in the house tonight. They killed one in the bathroom, and released the other to fly around the front hallway, until we managed to open a door and shoo it back outside.

The adventures never end!


Meggie said...

Nancy: I'm so happy to know that you took the day deserve work so hard. Aren't book stores the best?! Hope you and your hubby had a great day.

Nancy Chase said...

Thanks Meggie. Yes, I'm definitely a book-a-holic. I can never have too many, it seems.

One of the things that I loved about our farmhouse when I bought it is that it has a nice big room that will one day be my library.

Unfortunately, right now it's mostly a big storage area, since I needed a safe, dry place to keep all my sheep fleeces until people buy them.

Someday we'll get floor-to-ceiling bookcases built and the fireplace repaired, and it will be just heavenly!