Monday, October 22, 2007

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

As of today, I have potential buyers interested in FOUR of the remaining seven horses I have left to sell. Of course, interested doesn't mean definite, so I'm not counting my chicks (or in this case, my checks) until they hatch. But still, it does give a person reason to hope.

While Ken and I were filling the broodmares' big hay feeder tonight, we made up a song.

The mares sing:

We are so hungry!
We are so hungry!
We wish you'd give us
Some grain as well.

Then we sing:

We have no money!
We have no money!
We wish that some of
You mares would sell!

Yes, okay. I'm way too easily amused, I admit it. :-)

I spent the morning answering email and dealing with EBay stuff, answering questions from buyers and such.

Then I had to rearrange all the animals in the paddocks so that Bob could finally come with his tractor and scrape out the last paddock for us. Then I had to put all the animals back into their original paddock.

This afternoon, I gave Libby a bath and took some video of her for the person who might be interested in buying her. If you want to see it, here it is.

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Meggie said...

Good luck Nancy! I hope your mares sell. I know that will relieve some of your financial problems for a while. I'll say a little prayer....maybe say a novena...I'm one of those crazy Catholics!