Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just a Tease?

All afternoon, the air felt cool and moist. The weather reports were predicting the possibility of rain for the first time in recent memory.

I don't remember a time when I've seen the land so dry. You can't even go outside without coming back coated with a thin film of dust. What little foliage and plants are still left alive are gray with dust too. We are desperate for some rain!

While I was doing evening chores, a few cool droplets fell from the sky. I looked up and waited hopefully, but the clouds above were thin and had nearly passed by already. To the west, where our weather comes from, the sky was clear as could be.

Was the weather report just a tease, then, or could we still get that 60% chance of rain they're predicting for tomorrow? We'll take what moisture we can get at this point, that's for sure. The soil is blowing away with every passing breeze.

We did get a nice rainbow tonight. Kind of ironic, in a way, given the story of how the rainbow was made to reassure mankind that the great flood would never happen again. Not exactly the reassurance we're looking for right now, thanks!

As I was heading back to the house, the light was falling on the (oh-so-neglected) hammock in the back yard. I thought it was pretty, so I took a picture.

Something about living up here on this hill, at the time of day just before sunset the light slants down in a way that makes every little ordinary thing glow with gilded edges.

Just one of the small daily joys of living in this beautiful place.


Meggie said...

Nancy: Love your post today. Things in PA are quite dry as well, but right now it is raining and I hope your area will get some soon.

Mark said...

I wish I could package up some of the deluge we are experiencing here in Vancouver. The water comes down in waves. It's hard not to be soaked to the skin even if standing under an umbrella.

Nancy Chase said...

I wish you could send us some too! We got a little bit of rain today, about enough to settle the dust on the first 1/4 inch of soil, but not enough to even come close to putting things back to normal.