Thursday, November 8, 2007

Got Sheep?

Please won't you feed me?

Yo! Bring me some food!

Who could resist a face like this?

Just a handsome boy

And another handsome boy


AntheaT said...

Gosh, that's a lot of tags to have to carry around on a small ear!


ravenhorse said...

Hi Nancy,
Hope everything is going well for you, just had to ask though, who's the cutie with the grey/black face and silver fleece? (3rd pic down) He/She is JUST SO CUTE!!!!!
(aka: ravenhorse from Horsetopia)

Nancy Chase said...

Hi Mindi,

That's Savannah. She is pretty adorable, isn't she? She's really got the skill of melting your heart with her hopeful gaze!

She's one of our ewes that has Leadersheep bloodlines ( for more info on leadersheep).

Given the opportunity, Savannah and her good buddy Salem get into lots of mischief around the farm, generally having to do with getting into places they don't belong and finding things to eat that they shouldn't eat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
She's ADORABLE!!!! I just love that face! (Good thing she isn't around me, I have no ability to say "No" she's be as wide as she is tall!)
Leadersheep sound awesome! I never knew there was such a thing!