Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Technical Difficulties

As if our finances weren't tight enough already... my computer just died this morning. It's been having problems for a while now, and Ken has been valiantly attempting to diagnose what's wrong and keep it alive.

But this morning the chronic problem became acute, and now the darn thing won't even boot up anymore. So, as much as we can't afford any extra expenses right now, I'm going to have to buy a new computer.

I haven't computer shopped in several years, so I was scared I was going to find that a computer of the type I need would be $1,000 or more, but Ken looked around and found some for less than half that. Since I just sold a sheep and I've been getting a lot of fleece and fiber customers lately, it looks like I can just barely manage to pay for that, if we go without some of the other things we were urgently needing to do with that money.

It has to be done. I can't run my business without a computer. And although it's a huge, poorly-timed hassle, it WILL be nice to have a fresh new computer. Ken is even pretty sure that we can rescue all my files out of the memory of the old computer, so with luck none of my recent, not-yet-backed-up files will be lost.

But in the meantime, it may take me a little longer than usual to answer emails and do other computer related tasks, since I have to wait and use Ken's computer when he's not busy with it. And there'll be no more pretty photos on the blog for a little while, because all my photos---as well as the software to upload photos from my camera---are on the dead computer.

Be patient with me... I'll be back up and running as soon as possible.


Mark said...

You are due for some real good things to happen. Sorry about your computer. Glad you likely didn't lose anything.

Nancy Chase said...

Yes, I'm also grateful that I backed up most of my files not all that long ago, so even if I lose the most recent stuff, I won't lose everything.

It does put an end to any hope I had of finishing NaNoWriMo this month though, since all the work I'd done on that is part of the not-backed-up stuff.

Oh well. I can keep writing the story anytime. It doesn't have to be for NaNoWriMo.

Anonymous said...

These type of life experiences never happen at a "good time", Nancy.
Best wishes.

Big T's Ranchette said...

If you can tell me more specifically what the problem is/was, then there's a good chance I can help you fix it for just the price of parts from