Monday, November 19, 2007

Senter's New House (Part 2)

Yesterday, Ken and I spent the afternoon doing more work on Senter's new shelter. You can see from the photo how badly in need of a paint job our poor old barn is.

When we bought the farm, the spot where Senter's paddock is was just an impenetrable mass of thorns, vines, small shrubby trees, and tumbled chunks of rock and broken concrete. So even though we haven't gotten a chance to paint anything yet, the fact that now it's a nicely fenced series of paddocks with stone dust footing in Senter's paddock, is a vast improvement!

I'm proud of myself and Ken for tackling this building job ourselves. Neither of us have any real experience building things, but we did a bunch of research and came up with a design that I hope will work adequately, and will be much cheaper than any other option we've seen.

The materials only cost us about $250. The shelter is about 12' x 12' with a roof that slopes down from 12' to 9' to shed the rain. Or at least, that's how much the roof WILL slope, once we've got it on. Right now, we just have the framework up, with no roof yet.

We've made it so that if this design works out well for us, we can add to it and make a larger shelter that will shelter more horses later, if necessary. Eventually, instead of the window in the back of the barn wall, we want to put a door, which would provide easy access to the feed room on the other side.

Little by little, we try to keep making improvements.

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