Thursday, November 22, 2007

Naked Sheep

We're going to our friends' house for our official Thanksgiving day tomorrow, so we didn't do anything holiday-like today. Instead, we sheared some more sheep, trying to get as many done as possible before the predicted rainy period swept in.

We sheared most of Taj's flock today. He is so funny! He REALLY likes his ewes naked. As soon as we started shearing them all, he got all excited and couldn't help himself from chasing them around (and around and around...) all afternoon. Nicholai is like that too, but we haven't sheared his ewes yet.

It started raining just as we were finished one sheep, so I didn't get a chance to take any photos, but I wish I could have gotten one of Taj's face. When we shear the sheep, if we nick any of them with the clippers, we spray the wound with Blue-Kote to prevent infection. The sheep end up with splotches of purple on them, as if they'd been attacked by a not-particularly-talented graffiti artist.

Taj was so enthusiastic about courting his girls after they were sheared, that by the end of the day his whole muzzle---including his tongue---was purple from nuzzling and kissing the ewes with the Blue-Kote on them. He looked like a kid who'd been messily eating a big purple popsicle!

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Meggie said...

Nancy: Glad to got to share a meal with friends even if it wasn't on Thursday. Hope you enjoyed some down and hubby certainly need it.