Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tenor Gets a Job

Yesterday I sold Tenor, my very last "for sale" sheep (and could have sold another as well, if I'd had one I was willing to part with). The buyers called me out of the blue, needing a ram for their flock after their planned ram purchase fell through.

It was great to meet them, a very nice couple who have both horses and Icelandic sheep, just like us. And they only live over in Lexington, just 60 miles away.

As an added bonus, they know someone who is looking for a horse, and they thought that our 2-year-old filly Andromeda might be a good match for this person. It would be great to make another horse sale, in addition to selling the last sheep. And it would be great for Andromeda to go to a good home where she could belong to one special person and get all the attention she deserves.

So, Tenor is really coming up in the world now. He escaped going to the butcher because Ken and I thought he was too nice to eat. But we had plenty of rams for our flock, so we weren't going to use him for breeding. Essentially, he was just going to be Titan's companion all winter. But now he's gone to be herd sire for a 28 ewe flock. That's more than all the rams in our flock combined!

Congratulations, Tenor, on your big promotion!


Meggie said...

Tenor is one lucky ram! Good luck with the new computer search, Nancy. Come back to us bloggers when you get things staightened away.

Mark said...

Wow. And he didn't have to strap a bomb on his body and blow himself to be rewarded with so many ladies. He's in ewe heaven. I'm glad it worked out for you (no pun intended) (and him).

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

well that worked out well didn't it! AND 28 ewes!! He will have progeny all over the place soon :-D