Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Senter Foal is Born

My stallion Senter Stage has been doing very well with his training. He's started doing small jumps already, and the trainer is planning to send him to his first show perhaps in a couple of months. She's decided to compete him in eventing, so that he'll be able to do dressage, stadium jumping, and cross country jumping.

I'm pleased as I can be with that decision, since eventing was my favorite of the equestrian sports back when I was a younger, more athletic rider. With Senter's ancestry, he's a natural at dressage. His trainer and his rider predict that if he continues to progress as he has been, he'll be able to skip 1st and 2nd level and go straight to 3rd.

Senter has also started his breeding season, and has bred several mares. So there will be a whole new batch of foals to look forward to next spring.

Meanwhile, this year's foals continue to be born. Here's a photo of Char's foal by Senter, born April 17. I think we're going to name him "Storm Senter" (Stormy for short). He's huge, with legs like tree trunks. I think he's going to be spectacular when he grows up! You can see more photos of him here.

His 3/4 brother, out of Char's half sister Scylla, was born April 20th. He's not quite as large as his brother, but more refined in his build. And what a handsome face! I think we're going to call this one "Senter Fielder" (Willie for short, as in Willie Mays, the famous center fielder). You can see more photos of him here.

My sister and I haven't exactly worked out the details of what we're going to do with these foals, but they will probably both go to live on her farm for a few years. She may use one or both of them for breeding her mares when they are old enough. And then, when they are a few years old and started under saddle, they should be worth quite a lot, so then we'll sell one or both of them.

Unless of course someone makes us an offer we can't refuse in the meantime!


Anonymous said...

Yay for Willie Mays! I'm not FROM San Francisco, but I live in the Bay Area, so he's close to my heart. Unfortunately there aren't many good Chicago Cubs center fielders I could suggest instead... *sigh*

The foals are beautiful! And Senter will be a gorgeous eventer.

Anonymous said...

Holy crow, they're all gorgeous. Interesting how many colts Senter sired this year, when last year was so many fillies! He has definitely put his stamp on them. Can't wait to hear how he does in eventing. -- Kris

Rhea said...

What handsome brothers! You're right, the first one has legs like tree trucks! They are really so beautiful to look at. :o)

heather said...

Great photos of handsome boys! So, when the boys are older, you get them back [to your sister's farm]? The deal was just Char & Scylla and not the foals? That's a great deal!
Thanks again for a lovely weekend. Hope lambing is progressing well.

Nancy Chase said...

Yes, I traded Char and Scylla for the flock of polled sheep, but I retained rights to the foals.