Thursday, April 17, 2008

In Other News...

The blog has been pretty focused on sheep stuff lately, since it's lambing season. But that's not the only thing that has been going on here.

Here's the news from the horse side of the farm:

1. My stallion Senter Stage's first foal of 2007, Selebrity was born on my sister's farm in Maine, but was purchased recently by a young rider here in Virginia, Brieanna of Cedar Bluff Stables. Selebrity arrived safely at his new home in Charlottesville last week, just shortly after his first birthday. You can see a few photos of him if you scroll down to the bottom of this page. After lambing season is over, I hope to go meet Selebrity in person for the first time, and take some more photos of him.

2. Senter's first foal of 2008 was born on April 14: a bay and white tobiano colt, out of my mare Maggie whom I just traded to my trainer. Here are a few photos of the newborn. His name is Senter of Attention, barn name Phoenix:

Look for more photos of this handsome boy as he grows!

3. My filly Andromeda was sold and went to her new home earlier this week. I was too busy with lambs to make a big deal about it, but: Good luck in your new home, Andromeda!

4. Senter's 2nd foal of 2008 was born this morning! Another gorgeous bay and white colt, out of my favorite mare, Charybdis, the one that it broke my heart to sell. So this brand new colt is not only the son of my stallion, he's also half brother to my gorgeous Art Deco filly, Grace, since they both have the same mother. You can see photos of this boy here.

5. All of my 2007 foals (Grace, Glory, Libby, and Penny) had their first birthdays. They are looking less like babies now and more like little horses. Although Grace is not so little---at barely a year old, she is already right about 15 hands. After lambing season is over, I should finally get a chance to start working with these girls more. Once they've finished shedding out their winter coats, I'll give them baths and take fresh new photos of them to show how nicely they've grown.

6. My stallion Senter has started his training program now. Below are photos of him taken on only his third day of serious under saddle training. He's looking mighty fine already!

Expect more photos of Senter, too, as his training progresses. When lambing season is over, I'll be taking another trip down to visit him and take more photos. Plus we hope that he'll be ready to go to his first show in a couple of months. Exciting!


Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

He's looking real good Nancy! I see he's on the bit most of the time and carries himself nicely. One thing about him that really stands out is his two-tone mane and tail. What a handsome fellow!

The baby is adorable. Foals are so much fun! Look at the legs on that kid.

Rhea said...

Handsome horse! Love the horse pictures. :o)

What that vest the guy riding the horse is wearing?

Nancy Chase said...

I wasn't there at the time, so I didn't see the rider in person. But I expect that the vest is one of the protective sort that help prevent you from getting broken ribs and such if you get thrown.

Natalie said...

That's a standard cross country vest. I'm not sure why he is wearing it doing flat work though? How tall is the rider and the horse?

Nancy Chase said...

He's probably just wearing it as a safety precaution, starting a green horse, I would guess.

Senter is 16 hands. James (the rider) is well over 6 feet.