Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lamb Pics

Here are some lamb photos from today. First, here's Paris with her two new boys, out in the nursery pen for the first time:

This one is Uwain. He may not look it now, but he'll be the same color as his mom when he grows up.

And this one is Uther. He'll be light like his mom when he grows up too, but with a brown tint instead of a black one.

Here's Una. Her AI bloodlines show up clearly in her stout, boxy build.

Umber is quite a character, and already shows lots of personality.

Unity is graceful and feminine as a little deer.

The new moms and babies got to go out on the pasture for the first time today.

But a few minutes later, Rhonwen and Teasle heard or smelled something that they didn't think was safe.

Mindful of their babies' safety more than their own desire to eat fresh green grass, they immediately brought the babies back up into the paddock next to the barn.

I don't know what the danger was that they sensed. Perhaps the fox that I've heard barking nearby at night. But whatever it was, how wonderful it is to see the ewes making wise decisions to keep their little ones safe!


Rhea said...

Wow, I don't check your website for a couple of days and all kinds of action takes place! Congrats on all the new lambs! I'm impressed with your delivery skills (the the udderlyEZ!!). I really enjoyed reading all about it. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful babies ... and I'm not kidding (pardon). ;)

Nancy Chase said...

LOL, You're a funny guy, Mark! :-)

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

The lambs all look wonderful! That little umber seems to have "chops" of white, like an old man. And hurray for Uther and Uwain! Twins! You are right, Unity looks very feminine and deer-like.

My goodness, so many new faces in the herd! And such variety. Congratulations!

But wait, there's more!

Ness said...

It's a lambpede! :-)

Nancy Chase said...

That's right, you were here to see the Lambpedes last year, weren't you? The lambie-Nascar races and the tarp shelter trampoline!

There's nothing funnier than watching a bunch of lambs at play.

ann said...

Such cute babies - I really like the second picture of Una. She looks like a mischevious child, with a smile on her face.

Hayden said...

How adorably beautiful they are!