Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sheep Apnea

I've determined that I'm suffering from Sheep Apnea.

That's all the halts, hitches, and gasps in a pregnant ewe's breathing that repeatedly wake the shepherd up throughout the night, making her think the ewe is going into labor, and leaving her groggy and lambless in the morning!

Here's my latest attempt at reverse psychology:

After I have breakfast, I'm going to shower, put on clean clothes, and spend the day organizing all of the farm's income tax documents for the year.

I won't possibly have time to deal with any lambs being born today!

If that doesn't bring 'em on, then I give up and acknowledge that Phoebe has decided to wait for Lamb-a-Palooza. That's what I'm calling the 9th of April or thereabouts, when I have about 20% of my flock supposedly due to lamb all on the same day.

Maybe Phoebe's waiting because she wants to join the Lamb-a-Palooza festivities with all her flock mates.


FullCircleEquine said...

Sheep apena and Lamba Palooza

Hang in there. No one ever stays pregnant forever.

Rhea said...

Very creative new words you're coming up with! Maybe getting no sleep agrees with you. lol

I sure hope they don't all go into labor on the same day. sheesh

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Just think though---Lamb-a-Palooza will be SO much fun :-D Personally--I can't wait since you have many more sheep to have lambs from (all those colors!) and I always look forward to pictures from you because of that.

Anonymous said...

Where can I order my Lamb-A-Palooza T-shirt??? Most assuredly, now that you can't sit and wait you will have lambs waiting for you when you return to the lambing pens! Murphy's Law, you know.

Anonymous said...

You need to plan a trip. Doesn't have to be far -- two hours or so should do it, and I bet those lambs will be waiting for you when you return. But if not, Lambapalooza sounds like a great event!

-- Kris, who just sheared today and confirmed that her last two ewes to go are not pregnant :o(

Ness said...

Lambapalooza! Sweet. My nephew's band is willing to play if you want some entertainment...besides all the lambs being born. :-)

Nancy Chase said...

Hmm... I guess the band would have to play things like "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb," to set the proper mood for the festivities, right? :-)

Adam Byrn "Adamus" Tritt said...

I have learend something. When I see a pregnant woman, I shall ask, now in proper English, when she is due to baby. "Will you baby in May?"

"Sorry, what's that?"

"Sorry. May you baby in May?"

"May my baby what?"

"In May, might you baby?"

"Are you ok?"

"I am fine. May you baby well."

I have also learned that sheep apnea sometimes causes the shepherd to wake "groggy and lambless in the morning."

I had no idea a shepherd could lamb as well.

Oh, another song to play: Woolly Bully.

You could also have readings from Songs of Innocence.