Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Human Trampoline

So, it's 3:00 a.m. I'm out in my barn bed, sound asleep because once again NO LAMBS ARE BEING BORN, when all of a sudden my cat Sterling decides to give me a surprise Heimlich maneuver by leaping down from the ceiling and landing with all four paws right smack on my solar plexus!

I gotta say, that was NOT my favorite way to wake up ever! I shoved him onto the floor and cussed him out in cat language (GROWL! HISS!!!). He got the message and exited the barn back up the wall the way he had come.

My lamb envy is getting pretty intense now. Not only has Monica at Smallmeadow Farm had yet another lamb born today, but Carol and Andy at Loafkeeper Farm have had 4 lambs born in the past two days, out of ewes and rams they bought from me.

Everybody's lambing but me!


Rhea said...

I think I would have had a heart attack if that cat had woken me up like that! Hilarious, but so NOT funny in the moment.

I read the other posts on your fellow sheep breeder websites...someone said something about hooves sticking out of their sheep's hoohaa...wow, that's a funny site for sure! Yikes!

FullCircleEquine said...

See.. that would have been it for me. Cat plummeting from the beams. Dead