Saturday, January 12, 2008

And She's Gone

Bonnie's gone.

The shipper came, I led her down to the trailer. She paused at the doorway and looked inside. I showed her the bucket of grain I was holding and let her think about it for a minute. And then she loaded right up.

A little bit of paperwork to sign, and then the trailer pulled away. As it disappeared out of sight down the road, Bonnie whinnied goodbye to our farm. From the stallion paddock, Senter answered.

And then she was gone.

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Anonymous said...

What a bittersweet night. I know the stress of having too many animals on land that just can't handle it, and the relief when one leaves, but it still hurts like heck. I hope she'll be happy in her new home. -- Kris

ps Good luck with the trainer for Senter! That would be wonderful all around if it works out.