Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Penny in the Round Pen

A potential buyer asked for more photos of Penny yesterday, so today I took her out to the round pen for a photo shoot. As you can see, I interrupted her afternoon nap to do so!

Because she had just gotten up from her nap, she was not feeling feisty enough to show off her best extended trot, which is very big and floaty. Even so, I got a few nice photos of her trotting and cantering---so long as you don't mind the dirt from napping in the mud!

Partway through the session, our cat Madrigal decided she wanted to join in the fun. She ran almost half way around the round pen in front of Penny before deciding it would be safer to scoot out under the fence.

I also took some video of the session, but YouTube's upload feature doesn't seem to be working right now, so I can't share the video yet. I'll put a link here once I get the file uploaded.

Edited to add: Okay, the video is uploaded now. Here it is.

1 comment:

heather said...

The last photo could be a "cartoon": the cat is thinking:
"Dang! That's one BIG dog!" [Run, cat, run!] I like that both animal's ears are back and they seem to be running in earnest! Thanks Nancy!