Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thinking Sideways

When---as is often the case---the path to our goals is obstructed by some delay or complication, Donna and I encourage each other to find ways to "think sideways" around the obstruction.

I spent today "thinking sideways."

I was writing emails all day long. Mostly, it was answering people who were inquiring about horses. For example:

One person decided against a horse she had been interested in, so I suggested another that she liked even better.

A fellow Icelandic sheep breeder wanted to decrease his sheep flock and get a couple of horses. I want to reduce my horse herd and add to my sheep flock. We exchanged emails discussing the possibility of a trade.

A horse trainer/breeder wrote to ask about breeding her mare to Senter, but our facilities are not really ready to host outside mares yet. So I suggested the idea of trading breedings for training at her facility.

A young rider was interested in one of my horses as a show prospect, but her favorite was out of her price range. We discussed payment options to help her afford the one she wanted.

I feel like I accomplished a lot today, even though I barely had time to get out of my chair. I think the most fun I had was discussing trading a horse to the sheep breeder. It was really entertaining to make out a whole list of possible options, using "sheep" as my base form of currency.

"It would be this many sheep to buy the horse. Add 1/2 sheep per month for board, or 1 sheep per month for board plus training. If you want her bred to my stallion, that'll cost you another sheep."

I don't know why, but I just had a lot of fun making out a price list in sheep.


Anonymous said...

If I had my way, most price lists would be in either yarn or sheep.

"Oh baby you need grocery yarn? I'll spend the day spinning some extra for a bottle of good wine."
"No, honey, you just go ahead and play your video games. I'll wash fleece in your bathtub for rent."

Ahhh, my life would be so entertaining if I could play in wool all day and get paid! :)

Nancy Chase said...

LOL... That's really funny! I can picture trips to the grocery store now:

"Wow, you really bought a lot of groceries this week! Let's see, that comes to one sheep, a lamb, and 3 skeins of yarn, please!" :-)