Saturday, January 19, 2008

Everybody's Shopping

Our snow is now almost completely gone, except for a few thin patches in spots that get all-day shade. That's what this native Yankee loves about living in the south: the wintry stuff never lasts very long!

Apparently, now is the season for livestock shopping. I have been getting lots of phone calls and emails from people shopping, both for horses and for sheep. I had Bonnie on the market for a good 6 months, but now that she's sold and gone to her new home, I've had so many inquiries about her, I could probably have sold her three more times!

In addition to all the horses I currently have listed for sale, I'm thinking about POSSIBLY selling Torchsong. I'm not sure whether it would be a good business decision to part with her, because I think she will make fantastic foals with Senter in another year or two.

My current thought is that I will be open to offers on her, but I won't let her go for a "bargain" price. I have had several inquiries about her, even though I'm not advertising her for sale. So today I took her out to the round pen and did a quick video clip of her movement.

With all the melting snow, our pastures are really muddy, so Torchsong is filthy in the photos. But she sure is pretty, just the same.

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