Monday, January 21, 2008

Callisto Under Saddle

Even though I'm not advertising either Callisto or Torchsong for sale, I now have prospective buyers interested in each of them. I'm having a really hard time trying to decide which one to sell.

First I'll decide I definitely want to keep one, then I'll decide that it would be stupid to part with the other. Then I start wondering why I don't just keep them both!

Yesterday, the person interested in Callisto asked me to take some pictures so she could see what she looked like wearing a saddle. Callisto has never worn a saddle before, but today I showed her the saddle, she sniffed it, and I put it on. No fuss at all---what a great girl!

In the middle of this, the vet arrived to do Coggins tests and health certificates for some of the sales horses, so we left Callisto tied to a post while we dealt with the vet. She waited patiently until I came back, and then I decided to try sitting on her.

I sat on her only one time before, bareback in the pasture, but this was the first time with a saddle on. She didn't care at all.

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