Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bye Bye Bonnie

The shipper was supposed to come pick up Bonnie today, but he was delayed, so now he's scheduled to come pick her up at midnight, and haul her to her new home in Massachusetts by sometime tomorrow night.

It will be interesting to see how she loads on the trailer. She's pretty calm, so if they were arriving in the daylight, I wouldn't think that she'd cause any problems loading.

But for her to be out there dozing in the pasture in the middle of the night, and then have some strangers pull up in a truck and trailer with all the lights blazing, and expect her to just walk into a strange trailer, is expecting a lot. For her, it would most likely seem like being abducted by aliens!

So, I'll have my trusty horse-attitude-adjuster with me: a yummy bucket of grain. And hopefully, her greed will overcome her suspicion. Or else she'll just think, "Hey, if the aliens are going to feed me, fine, they can abduct me any time."

She's the first one of the horses I've sold this year that is actually leaving. Boo and Shane sold before her, but they won't be leaving until later this month. Even though I love them all, I'm actually at the point where I'm looking forward to most of them being gone, because that will ease our financial burden, reduce the amount of chores we have to do, and reduce the stress on the land as well.

Horses are very destructive to the ground, and if I didn't already know that we want to plow up and reseed all our pastures anyway (when we can afford it), I'd be distressed about the amount of damage they've done to the pasture land here. But since I know the pastures need revamping no matter what, I don't worry about it much until then.

I cleaned up Bonnie the best I could tonight, because she was filthy from the muddy pasture. But I couldn't get her really clean. I wish that it was warm enough to give her a bath, so she could arrive all clean and sparkling to her new home. But, better that she arrive a bit dirty than she catch a cold from being damp and chilled.

Tomorrow we go meet the trainer who might work with Senter for us. I'm pretty excited about that possibility. I hope it goes well!

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