Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Coming Down With Something

All yesterday I wasn't feeling well. I rested all day, took some vitamins, and got a good night's sleep. This morning I felt a lot better, so I thought I'd shaken it off. But this evening I started feeling ill again.

I'm not sure what I have, or where I might have caught it, since I haven't been anywhere to be exposed to any germs. I'm unreasonably tired, and a little woozy. The gland in the right side of my throat is sore, and it's going into my ear now as well. My skin is starting to feel that hypersensitive feeling you get right before you get a fever, but I'm not feverish.

Ugh! As if I don't have enough to do, without being sick too. I try to always be careful to rest and recover as soon as I start showing symptoms, because if I don't, I'm very prone to having every cold or flu turn into a 3-week session of bronchitis. Let's hope that doesn't happen!

We got a small load of hay yesterday. Prices have gone up again, to $7.50 per small square bale. Our supplier says it'll go up to $8 soon, and may go up to $10 before this year's first cutting comes in.

On the bright side, I got birthday cards from family today, with money inside. Every little bit helps, so I'm very grateful.

There have also been a few new horse inquiries. So I hope a few of those turn into sales soon.


Gimmer said...

Very nice blog, I just loved all the photos. Your pintos look very good with the Icelandic sheep. I have Morgan horses and Scottish Blackface sheep.

Nancy Chase said...

Thank you! I think Scottish Blackface sheep are adorable. They were going to be my second choice of sheep to raise, if I didn't get Icelandics.

Ann said...

Sorry your aren't feeling well. I hope this bug does not last too long. Around here it is a bad virus and you can just rest, lots of liquids and over the counter meds for the symptoms early on.

Our hay around here (TN) is at 4.50 - 5.50 a square. I cannot imagine trying to feed my crew at almost double that amount. Just remember - spring is coming and the grass will be growing. (What I tell myself each time I am lugging hay LOL).

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

I didn't know it was your birthday! So sorry! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCY!!!!!

p.s I was sick with the flu this week. Thank goodness the family could feed since I literally didn't have enough energy. Good Luck getting better . I shook it fast (a week) but I am still lower energy

Nancy Chase said...

Wow, it seems like everybody is feeling ill lately. Let's hope we ALL feel better soon!

markmc03 said...

May you get well quick! With everything on your plate, being sick would be awful. I hope your financial stresses let up. Stress works havoc on immune systems.

Nancy Chase said...

Thanks Mark! Your kind words ALWAYS mean so much to me.