Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Storm Is Coming

Well, apparently I was so sad about Char leaving that I got the date wrong. No, not the date that David is arriving---I actually lost track of what day of the week it was yesterday. My only excuse is that my insomnia is back, so I am somewhat sleep deprived. Either that, or I'm simply becoming a flaky airhead in my old (middle?) age. :-)

So anyway, I have another day before Char and Scylla leave, maybe more than one, if the weather delays David on the road. There's a storm coming this way that is supposed to give us damaging wind, heavy rain, and thunder tonight. Our temperatures are unseasonably warm here (mid 70s!), but further west and north, the storm has been dropping snow and ice.

Ken and I fed the horses early, to get it done before the storm hits. Then we spend some time reinforcing some of the sheep's tarp shelters so they (hopefully) don't tear themselves to shreds in the wind. The big, wooden-framed tarp shelter Ken built for the ewe pen was catching the wind and trying to lift itself up and flip over, even though it's firmly attached to the fence, so we actually roped the uphill edge of it down with extra pieces of baling twine tied to cinder blocks and to the fence.

Things you can never have too much of on a farm: baling twine, duct tape, tarps, cinder blocks, hoses, buckets, and fence panels.

And, of course, a good supply of quality hay!

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