Friday, February 8, 2008

New Sheep Are Here!

The trading-horses-for-sheep deal is halfway done.

The new sheep have arrived, but Char and Scylla haven't left yet. They'll be leaving very early tomorrow morning, and will have a 2+ day trip to Wisconsin. Poor girls, they're going to be tired and cramped by the time they get there. That's a long time to stand in a trailer.

The new sheep were very happy to get out of the trailer and explore their new paddock. They'll be staying in a quarantine paddock for a few weeks, then they'll be able to mingle with the others. In another couple of months, they'll be having lambs with the rest of the flock.

The newcomers are VERY nice. Beautiful, cute personalities, and excellent meat conformation on them too. I'm very pleased with them.

David took some time this afternoon to groom Char and Scylla and get acquainted with them. It was good to let them meet him while they are still in their familiar environment, so he can see their normal, mellow personalities. Once they get to their new home, they're probably going to be rather wound up for a while, until they adjust. But at least they will already have gotten to know David a little bit.

I think the mares are going to have a lot of fun at their new home, once they're used to it. They'll be able to go on long trail rides through the woods, and see fresh scenery instead of just standing around in our pastures all the time. They'll enjoy that, I think.

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