Friday, September 21, 2007

The Barter System

Earlier this month, I mentioned that we were trying to work out a deal with my hay supplier to trade him a starter flock of Icelandic sheep for an equivalent value of hay. It seemed to be a perfect trade: I desperately need hay to feed my animals, and he really wanted to get started raising sheep.

Unfortunately the deal didn't go through. He's just not quite ready to have the sheep on his farm yet (fences to build, pastures to reseed... we all know what that's like! Some things just take time). He's still very interested in doing the trade, but will have to wait until next year.

It's just as well, I guess, since except for two ram lambs, I've already sold of all the sheep I want to sell. I even sold a few that I hadn't planned on selling, because I had an interested buyer and we really needed the cash. Thank goodness for these sheep that sell easily at good prices, because they've been paying the bills around here lately!

So anyway, until some of the horses sell, we're still going through hay faster than we are earning money to pay for it. We've been excellent customers for our hay guy, and recently, he's been super understanding about being willing to still bring us a load of hay even if we don't have the all the cash for it quite yet. But with the sheep trade postponed, that still leaves the question of how to bring in more money to pay him.

Out of the blue, today, he brought up the possibility that I could create a website for him. I never even told him that I've JUST started doing this for people. I have the one other sheep website I'm working on for someone, and another person who is a cat breeder who wants me to do a simple site for her soon.

It's kind of amazing to me, the synchronicity of it. I'm in desperate need of a way to make more money while still being able to stay home to take care of the farm work. I love designing my own websites, plus I have tons of professional writing and editing experience. And then all of a sudden, POOF, three people out of the blue ask me to make websites for them.

So, I guess, with three clients lined up, it must be official: I have the beginnings of a new sideline business. Something I enjoy doing and can get paid for---It's a miracle!

Wish me luck!

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Mark said...

Good luck with that Nancy. Synchronicity is wonderful that way. I'm still hoping for a little my way too.