Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Trouble Ahead?

You're never going to believe this.

Remember the saga of Trouble, The Runaway Sheep? (See Can't Catch a Break... Or a Sheep! and Looking for Trouble if you missed it the first time around.)

Well, I just got a phone call today from Trouble's original breeder, Cathy, in Michigan. It seems that the runaway lamb has avoided the Tennessee coyotes for the past two weeks and has made friends with a very nice gentleman who has been feeding her grain every day, a few miles away from where she escaped from me.

She's gotten tame enough that she will eat out of his hand, which allowed him to read the information off her ear tag. Somehow, from the codes and digits on the tag, he managed to figure out who her original breeder was, and made a phone call to Cathy, who then contacted me.

Trouble has not been near any other livestock, so fortunately, my earlier concerns about the Scrapie program are not going to be a problem. But it does mean that an unofficial Sheep Recovery Team now has to spring into action.

Vern, the nice man in Tennessee, will have to catch Trouble, which he says he can do with no problem. But he has no place to keep her once he catches her, so my friend Nyxana will find a way to transport the lamb to her house, and find some way to keep her contained for a couple of days.

Once Trouble is captured, I'll have to put all my other projects aside and drive the 9 hours to Tennessee AGAIN, stay the night with Nyxana, and the next morning pack up my wayward lamb and bring her home.

One thing is for sure, she sure is living up to her name!

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