Friday, September 28, 2007

Fillies at Recess

The rams seem to be feeling a bit better today, so maybe it was just a simple matter of dispensing worm medicine, selenium booster, and supplementing their protein intake. I'm sure it helped that the weather was cooler today.

Leeloo went to the vet for another checkup on her leg today. She was very frightened to have to go there again---bad memories!---but the vet says she's doing great. He removed some of the pins in her leg, so that the bones have to start supporting more of her weight as the brace supports less. In another couple of weeks she has to go in again, and might even be able to get the brace removed completely then.

I spent some time working on the website design I've been hired to do. It's actually a lot of fun. I enjoy doing it: the detailed work of getting the formatting and layout just so, as well as the creative aspects of coming up with ways to improve the customer's experience.

But the most fun part of the day was when I let the fillies out into the back pasture to play for a while. They are so beautiful, galloping around in the sunshine. Here's a video clip.

One of those times that they ran up into the paddock, Grace apparently tried to jump the fence again, because when I went up to pet them all after "recess" was over, Grace had a big scrape on her chest and the fronts of her forelegs (nothing serious, just a big patch of hair removed), and the top of the fence was bent.

Naughty girl! But boy, it sure does seem like she's got the jumping tendencies built in, if I can only teach her to do it safely and only when she's supposed to!


Meggie said...

OK, so now i need to be educated about horses, i've already learned a few things about your sheep...what kind of horses are those on the video? I used to work with gals that raised horses so the info is in the old brain, just hasn't been retrieved in quite awhile.

Nancy Chase said...

Hi Meggie,

The bay and the chestnut are from Spotted Draft mares crossed with my pinto Oldenburg stallion, Senter Stage.

The two blacks are from Spotted Draft mares crossed with world famous Dutch Warmblood stallion, Art Deco.

The results are pinto Sport Horses, intended for activities like dressage, cross country, jumping, fox hunting, etc.

You can see more about my horses on my horse website: