Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ingleside Icelandics at the Virginia State Fair

Most of today was taken up by driving our four chosen sheep (Salem, Savannah, Theo, and Timber) to the vet for their official health papers, and then to Richmond to the state fairgrounds.

Here they are, enjoying a nice snack of hay in their exhibit pen, right after we unloaded them:

They'll be on display in the "Young MacDonald's Farm" livestock breed exhibit in the Big Red Barn throughout the duration of the state fair. So, if you happen to go to the fair, be sure to stop by the Big Red Barn and say hello to our sheep!

Our "payment" for allowing our animals to be in the exhibit is that we get free passes to the fair. So we'll probably make a day of it sometime next week. It's nice, since with our finances the way they are lately, we wouldn't be spending the money to buy fair tickets otherwise. But this way we still get to go.

Meanwhile, I think things are finally settling down here enough that I can get working on those web sites!

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